What To Do To Avoid Teenager’s Future Troubles

Ways by which teenagers get into trouble today is alarming and almost want me to commit the sin of unbelief! If I remember well, King David in the bible was still in his teen when he learnt how to be responsible, tending his sheep and protecting them from the mouth of lions. Back to our world, some of our older men and women doing well in various sectors today started at tender age – the teenage. If you are in Nigeria today, you must have heard about a girl called Emmanuella, the young comedienne. As young as she is, she is popular in the comedy industry, imparting lives with laughter….then why should you waste as a teenager?

Emmanuella@ Mark Angel

Definition Of Terms

According to UsingEnglish.com, teenage is the period between childhood to adulthood characterized by adolescence which is a transitional stage of physical and mental human development that occurs between childhood and adulthood. This transition involves biological, social and psychological changes. A teenager refers to a person between the age 13 to 19 years.

Kudos to parents and guardians who are working their hands out day and night for their teenagers and young adults, for them to have a successful transition into a well grown adult. However, some of these parents may be missing out some events happening in their children’s lives that could pose danger to their future. Shockingly, I learnt some parents are afraid to scold their wards for fear of being called bad parents or fear of losing the kids.

Helpful Tips To Avoid Future Troubles For Teenagers

I am aware that many of our teenagers 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦  are ignorant of the wicked world in which we live in and due to the different biological, social and psychological changes they experience now and then, they tend to respond to events in different ways, of which most could be negative responses. Thus the need to fill in some tips to help us achieve successful transitions from the teenage to adulthood without troubles.

1. As a teenager, anything someone does or says to you and it involves no telling your mom/dad or anyone should be the first thing to pop out to your parents or guardian. For instance, if anyone out there tells you that smoking isn’t bad at all and says tell no one…please, let such thought be the first thing to ask; Mom, so so person said smoking isn’t bad for my health, is that true? Dear teenager, ask questions!

2. Redirect your focus. Do not ignore the physical changes but focus more on the development of your intelligence and emotions. Ask yourself intelligent questions about the words and actions of others towards you. Sincerely observe and note what and how you feel about each word and action.

3. Develop some skills at this age apart from going from classroom to classroom. Develop yourself, learn how to cook, sew, do house chores and also develop some reading and writing skills….these skills would help a long way later in life. Remember that many adults are jobless today because they lack some useful skills.


4. It would be nice to pen down 📝 your future desires and dreams. To mention a few, if you desire to stay chaste until you are married, write it down in your personal book (kept away from friends) and stick to your decision with prayers and determination.

5. This is almost similar to point raised in 1 but this speaks more of molestation 💔 Please, speak out 🗣 if you feel something is wrong somewhere. Do not hide your feelings from your parents or guardians. If someone is trying to molest you, do not listen to their threats, report quickly to those who can protect you. When you open up, you stand the chance to be protected from molestations.

A male hand climbs a girl under a skirt. Touch the ass and leg of an office girl. He is sexually abusing. Women are sexually abused. Sexual abuse concept, victim.

6. Choose your mentor wisely. If you are a teenage boy, it is better to make a male figure your mentor, and a female girl with a female mentor. And before your choice of mentor, study the mentor figure very well, ask about them and pray before you decide who your mentor will be.

Teacher and student working together

Tips for Parents or Guardians

In addition, here are some useful tips for parents or guardians on how to effectively raise their teenagers and avoid future troubles.

* Parents’ protection over their children is very important but being overprotective could make things worse for them. Allow your teenage boy to mix with his folks while the females should be allowed to join their trusted girlfriends for hang outs sometimes. Doing this will allow you to rate his or her mental and emotional quotient and how it can be well managed.


*Allow your teenage boys and girls to be actively involved in religious and other  extracurricular activities where they get to listen to the opinion of others. Sometimes, good exposures make them wise and smart 👌

*Do not hide discussions on sex from them. Acquaint them with the right information on sex education. This allows your child  to be free with you. Once in a while, allow your child to act like your mate 👭 and chit chat. When you do this often, you get to ascertain what motivates or depresses your child.


*Have a listening ear 👂and a watchful eye🤓 as parents. Yes, you’ve got lots on your desk and on your mind. I’m not blaming you at all, you are indeed strong 💪 but with a teenager or a young adult in your hands, you would need more than talking. Learn to listen to thoughts and understand the feelings that lie behind the thoughts.

* Improve your parenting skills by reading more, read books on child development. In fact, my advice to women before pregnancy is to gather right information on stages of child development from conception to adulthood by buying books that speak volume on such topics. Oftentimes, your child would need you to provide answers to numerous questions – meaningful and meaningless ones👌😀. If you are not well equipped as to provide the knowledge they need, then you saying NO to them will be questionable.

* If you are a single parent, monitor your child around your partner. This may sound awkward but it is wise you protect your child around your partner. I hope you are aware that the boy child can be sexually abused too.

Like I always forewarn my friends, do not sit down waiting until you become a parent before you start praying for the future. It is not a bad idea to pray for the kind of spouse you desire now that you are still 15, pray for your children now when you are not even close to the age of child bearing. This kind of habit helps your mind to design the kind of life you desire to live when you grow into adult. It also helps you to remain focused in other aspects of your life.

In conclusion, as teenagers, adults, parents, guardians or mentors, we can protect our own teenagers and those around us by having a positive attitude expressed in positive affirmations which tend to create positive response.

Check this daily trust below and confess these words daily


You can write out this confession and paste it on your wall, read it out loud every morning before you step out.

I hope the tips above become useful and avoid you of getting into future troubles as a teenager or with your teenage child.





The Hardcore


ighjezaoglzpdioqnzvyWoman! You are the man with the extra gadget – The womb, that is why he says “You complete me”

You are tender, maternal and graceful.

Fragile like a bomb, and fierce like a lion

Thinks like a man and acts like a lady

Look like a young girl and work like a horse

You carry inside your womb those loads that your man needed help with

Your stomach is big because you carry a lot of home worries therein

Your stomach is flat because a full load of home anxieties pressed it down

You are called the chief of staff because just like the Proverbs 31 woman, you lead while others follow

Though you are a foetus yet you are wired to nurture both your big and small ‘babies’

You hide your tears to make others laugh

You play both roles of a child and an adult when your child calls you ‘mummy’ and your husband calls you ‘baby’

The hardcore, the solid woman, the effective woman, the powerful woman, the strong lady…these are your names

Be strong always, and again I say be strong

For surely there is an end and your struggles shall turn to success

Your problems shall turn to peace

And your labour shall turn to laughter

Be forever strong, woman!


This is for the women out there that are; virtuous, those playing the roles of both parents, those who are widowed, those laying good examples for their kids.

To all the strong women out there, I ❤ U.


Can your partner fathom your weaknesses?

It is secrecy that often leads into scandal. Do not be afraid or feel pompous to apprise your spouse about your weaknesses especially those hinging on your emotions (sexual feelings) because your spouse is your other half. It is worthy of note that it is inappropriate to use your spouse’s weaknesses against him or herIMG_20200514_133300_094

Having the status of a christian or being ‘prim and proper‘ does not exempt an individual from temptations. One can be fascinated by ANYBODY. Your neighbour, a daughter/son of Zion, school daughter or son, your pastor, protégé, mentor, teacher, colleague at work, choir boss, friends…just name anyone, who is naturally pious and innocent could be experiencing his/her own period of temptation and when two precious lives are drawn to each other in fascination, it takes grace to save the situation but necessarily, it takes the love, respect and prior open communication with your spouse to say NO and flee immediately without further reasoning. In a nutshell, let your partner be able to fathom your weaknesses. In doing so, both of you can be of help to each other in a pickle.

Purpose is not fulfilled in a day

Just like a treasure called gold, purpose can not be reached in a day. It starts from being discovered to being refined through different processes of pains, hard work and consistency with determination.

These above mentioned stages can take several days, weeks, months or years before you start seeing results. Therefore, you need to employ  prayers, patience and progressive moves as members of your team in order to get to the final stage which is fulfillment.



The ups and downs of life can be so tiring sometimes, but this particular one is exhausting. At one or more instances, our mobile phones or PC would need us to format them when they are overloaded with both useful and ‘useless’ information and owners wouldn’t mind formatting them in order to enjoy phones with “good, sharp and clean” brains. However, clearing out the junks inside a phone can erase the memories which belong to the owners, leaving us blank and for the female folks who love pictures a lot, it could be sad.quote20200512152123

While some wouldn’t hesitate to click ‘format’ not minding the consequences of loss of useful data and images, some owners would hope for alternatives (delete some contents) just to keep some useful contents safe…..the category of owners are not complete yet right? Yes, you are right! There are phone users who don’t believe in formatting all or deleting some contents at all, all they do with malfunctioning or overloaded phones is discard!! They don’t like to disturb their luxuries, all they need do is pick a new phone, even if the old phone that is about to be discarded is their real self.

“Who cares about hell or heaven, all I want is peace and I want it NOW!” says that voice in that moment. The malfunctioning self is left in such dangerous zone and in the process, it got infected with a virus- the SUICIDE VIRUS. And with no hopes of tomorrow, such self ends up in DEATH.

quote20200512151242God created us in His image, but male and female He created us; which means each creature is unique. Our levels of patience is different, individual’s pain threshold differs, excitement, level of holding back our tears, what triggers our laughter, level of smartness, intelligence, emotions vary. We are all differently made up in body, mind, and thoughts. Let us encourage self and people around us today while something good can still be done. You can still click on ‘format’ or ‘delete’ while the brain is overly loaded with junks.

Don’t discard your life.

Don’t get infected with the suicide-virus.

Stay safe!


FB_IMG_1525267392017Whaun! Whaun!! Whaun!! Oh baby, why are you crying? What do you want? Food or toys?

Sometimes, you see a total stranger throw toys at a crying baby not because there is a cord between them, and not because there is an attraction or compassion as the case may be but only because he is being disturbed by the noise coming from the child, all the stranger wanted at that time was his own peace, and nothing more!

Children loves playing with toys because they see it as fun, not work. They see the toys as their playmates but even at that, children still love their toys to the extent of going to bed with them by their sides, some even hug them till they sleep off because they also see toys as their companions.

However, as a grown-up wo(man), there are things you are expected to drop off, and you are also expected to stop taking milk like a babe and start feeding on meat like the ever current book said. Now, as a man, you are now equipped with better understanding of who you are as humans, and you are expected to learn and understand your fellow human being, especially your female counterparts. It is so surprising that despite being equipped with toys when some men were growing as a child, till now, they find it difficult to do away with ‘toys’ but in this case, they are human being of any gender. You ‘toy’ with your house help body parts, some male bosses toy with their employees’ emotions and job. This doesn’t exclude our leaders who toy with our future with their selfishness. Some religious leaders also go to the extent of ‘toying’ with their members’ glorious destiny with fake prophecies just to meet their own needs. Man! Are you still a child? When will you grow up?

Woman, you ain’t out of this talk too. Some ladies can toy with the lives of men with fake emotions and show of love, all to drain the men out of glory. Some married ones even toy with their husbands’ lives just to please their fellow married/single friends. Despite being called a married woman, you still go ahead to toy with the bodies of both young and old men out there. Singles who are hopeless and faithless have decided to toy with men’s lives till they say rest in peace. They also go ahead to toy with their families, both wives and children because they have concluded that they are also toys.

We are in the world that toys are no longer for babies only, men/women of different sizes and shapes have turned themselves to toys, while some have even turned many to toys. The difference between you playing with a toy and a baby playing with a toy is that; an innocent child will still care for his/her toy, take the toy to bed, cloth it, some even go to the extent of bathing their toys to be clean from dirts, they read to them to get them educated(smiles) while all your utmost desire for your own toys is to destroy them, even before their expiry date!

Are we still babies? Let’s stop the childishness.

Are you being used as a toy? Learn to upgrade yourself to vessel of honour which are irreplaceable.

Are you with toys in your hands? Learn to grow up and do away with them because they are meant for kids only!

P.S: This article is written to discourage killers and destroyers of human lives by all means, just for pleasure. Stop these killings of innocent lives. Remember, you cannot create one, so don’t destroy any. Let’s stand as one and be in unity. Love your neighbour as yourself. Pray for Nigeria! God bless Nigeria!!

Please, help!


Sometimes in life, if you are not stretched to the point of elasticity limit, you may underestimate the strength that lies in you. 

“Lord! Why me? Why me all the time ehn?” The above question has been your daily query because of the so-called ups and downs of life. You have what it takes to become big,even bigger but you are lost somewhere in the dark. You remembered mates and younger ones you knew way back that you were tougher than but now life seems to be tougher than you. Several questions like these are just on and on like that in your mind and you get more confused by the day.

I think here lies some of the problems: You think too much but without stretch; talk too much but without thinking; complain a lot but without actions. There may be a foundational fault of misplacement of direction or lack of feasible vision; which may be attributed to environment, people, circumstances and life itself and at this juncture, you are thinking if to turn left or right or to stay put. However, time waits for no man. Time is either spent, wasted or invested.This country is not good, she has caused all these upon you..you say. The educational, economical and political systems are handicapped. Someone out there should please help!

Whosoever you are calling for help also need yours! You cannot fill another cup if you are also empty. Be stretched to be filled up. You can never tell how strong you are if there are no challenges to fight. You cannot be called a winner if you have not been inside the rings to fight. Champions exist only by proofs. Hey, get up and fight. Fight on the battlefield of the mind, thoughts. Fight your fears, fight your past, fight those distractions, fight the indispensable, fight the seen and the unseen enemies. Fight every opposition. However, no one goes to battle with just mouth alone, every war needs plans and preparations. Start by preparing your mind. If possible, fight your mind to think right and act right. Your confidence lies in you. Hey, help yourself first!